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Light the Tower

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Friday Fivesome

1. Baseball delivered one magical night of drama. There are two occurrences in the regular season where the majority of the sports watching public tunes in to baseball: opening day and the last day of the season if playoff implications are still riding on the game. We received the latter this week with four games ongoing, two playoff positions still undecided, two utter collapses unfolding before our very eyes, and one team refusing to throw its closer which would have probably put Boston in a one game playoff with the Rays. Do you think the Yankees were sticking it to the Red Sox just a little bit? Oh, they will claim they were not doing so. But, we all know better. In a week where I saw Moneyball, this was fitting. At least the Red Sox pinpointed what the problem was as Terry Francona was fired informed that the club would not be activating its option for the next two seasons. Let's fire the guy who managed the club to not one, but two World Series championships. Right. Francona made the Sox play like utter crap for the month of September. Got it. First the Patriots collapse to the Bills and now this? Beantown is in shambles this week.

2. It has been 18 years since the Oilers were in the NFL playoffs. The last appearance was in the Astrodome if my memory serves me correctly and the Joe Montana led Chiefs came into Houston and demoralized a city. This was the year that the Oilers started 1-4, then proceeded to reel off 11 straight wins in the NFL. Quite an accomplishment to say the least. One thing I have always found interesting: how does the city of Houston have Titans fans still in existence? Does Brooklyn root for the LA Dodgers? Does Milwaukee root for the Atlanta Braves? Does San Diego root for the Houston Rockets? No. None of the aforementioned cities embarrass themselves like "Titan fan" does living in Houston. Oh are all transplants from Nashville. Got it. I digress, where was I? Oh yes, the playoff drought. You will have to excuse the blame game for Texans fans. They are simply irrational at times. The bottom line is this team is still unproven. Talk of 12-4 or 11-5 seems a bit premature. The next three games will be telling. They must go 2-1 during this stretch. Otherwise, another 8-8 season is in the offing.

3. Are we headed for several unbeaten teams in college football this season? If so, how does this shake down regarding the BCS? It appears safe to forecast that LSU or Bama, OU or Pokes, Boise State, Stanford, and Wisconsin all could effectively run the table. This is the part of the college football season when teams lose one game and all hope is lost. Well, unless you are the 2008 Oklahoma Sooners. Then, you are rewarded for losing in October. Yep. I am not over that one yet. Back to 2011: we will get to sort out the upheaval that is the BCS hideousness in due time. I hope we get five unbeaten teams this season. I'd love to hear the BCS defense of their anointing two of the five to play for the "national title." Can't wait for 2011 Edition of Death to the BCS.

4. Picks for the weekend:
Wisconsin over Husker
Kansas State over Baylor
Bama over Florida
Horns over Cyclones
Clemson over Va. Tech
Texans over Steelers
Browns over Titans
Lions over Cowboys
G'men over Cards

5. Finally, the Aggies and Horns will be pointing fingers at one another as one of the longest college football rivalries appears to be headed for dormancy. The bottom line here is pride is getting in the way. Each respective institution is not thinking clearly when it comes to the decisions they are currently making. The road to success for the Aggies was staying put in the Big 12 according to Jerome Solomon. The man makes very valid points here. Instead, the Aggies will venture into waters with no true rivals, no history save for LSU and Arkansas, and an increased travel budget of over $1 million per year. They won't make more money in the SEC and will falter in their quest for recruiting dominance. Texas can only sign 25 scholly players per year with or without the Longhorn Network. This is a bad move for the Aggies and time will illustrate this to be the case. Watch and learn.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Oklahoma thought they were heading to the PAC 12. Larry Scott had other ideas as he squashed the idea that OU was enough for his conference when he thumped Sooner Nation by informing them that without Texas, the PAC 12 was just not interested in hearing "Boomer Sooner" for the foreseeable future without Bevo grazing on the sidelines. While Texas and OU run the Big 12, Texas is in control of the realignment debacle when it comes to the members of the Big 12. They are the prize and Boren hung his institution out to dry by stirring the pot by seeking other alternatives.

2. Twitter makes Gossip Girl seem tame. With respect to realignment talks, the amount of information that is thrown around as fact is mind numbing. Here is what we know: Texas A&M will leave the Big 12 for a much tougher road in the SEC and for virtually the same amount of money now that the Big 12 has apparently agreed to revenue sharing regarding its Tier 1 and 2 rights. Today, the highest I would rank the Aggies would be the 4th best team in the SEC. That does not spell BCS glory. And at what cost? You are a Big 12 team. Your roots, traditions, history and namesake are tied to Texas and its member institutions. Nevertheless, enjoy Hattiesburg.

3. There is a Big game in College Station this weekend as the Aggies host the Pokes. The Aggies need a statement game here and I think their defense is going to be stingy enough for the victory. That being said, I hope the Pokes dump truck them into oblivion. In the spirit of full disclosure, Mrs. Five_O is a Poke. This is the marquee matchup for the weekend and the idiots in Bristol have decided to take College Game Day to Morgantown, WV instead of Texas. How do I determine the game of the week? It's simple: I add the ranks of each team and the lowest total is crowned. Simple, really. Perhaps they are preparing to come to Dallas, TX for the second time in six weeks when the Sooners and Horns clash in the Red River Rivalry. But, that is mere politics. LSU and West Virginia has very little national appeal.

A). It's West Virginia.
2). It's West Virginia.

There was a reason(s) Game Day had never been to Morgantown, WV before. When they arrive, they will remember as to those very real reasons. Enjoy the "culture." Game Day should be on location at the most intriguing matchup each week. If it was not Pokes/Aggies, then it was Alabama and Arkansas. ESPN makes me dislike them more and more with each passing week without even trying.

4. Is there anything more painful in sports than the last month of the major league baseball season when the Astros are firmly lodged in 30th place? It is the equivalent of watching Jersey Shore on a never ending loop while being force fed haggis with a day-old, room-temperature pitcher of Coors Light as the only refresher of choice. I don't think anything else needs to be added here.

5. Sports Talk Radio's "fantasy lineup dilemma guy." Hey asshat: this is horrible radio. Nobody cares if you are struggling with starting Cadillac Williams over Danny Woodhead. What sort of narcissist seeks fantasy advice from radio hosts anyhow? Hey dorks: there is a channel on XM that is devoted to your "struggles." Seek it out and leave the free radio airwaves void from your moronic drivel. Pony up the $15 per month and get satellite radio. Matter of fact, if it keeps those calls off the airwaves, I bet we will all pitch in a $1 so you can set that lineup in peace.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

College Football Armageddon is Upon Us.

Remember those staunch contests between Texas and Wake Forest? Whoops, I mean Texas and North Carolina? Wait, check that. What I meant was Texas vs. Georgia Tech. Yes. Remember THOSE storied rivalries? What, you don't? That is the future of Texas football, apparently. The rumors of Texas to the ACC are gaining momentum as the ACC is just stupid enough to allow Texas to come in, swing the big stick known as the LHN, and take a seat at the table. It would appear that we are bringing the boys in Lubbock along for the ride...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big 12: Party of 10? 9? 8?

Didn't we go through this last summer? Didn't Texas, Texas A&M, OU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Missouri tell Nebraska and Colorado to go pound some freaking sand? Didn't the aforementioned Big 12-2 commit to remaining steadfast regarding the future of this conference? Oh, who am I kidding. Texas has the Longhorn Network and the rest of the schools do not have a dedicated network to showcase their programs. Is there some envy and jealousy there? Perhaps. Should Texas forgo this network and make it the Big 12 Network to save the conference? Part of me says they should. However, not every school is going to put eyeballs onto the screen like Texas will. Equal revenue sharing must be the answer. Correct? Follow along after the jump...

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